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$1050 for $1000
  4Kingell, Nov 24 2010

Ok I have some cash from a recent Vegas trip exploiting those 1/2 happy players BUT I would like to add some of that cash on to my FTP account. However the only way I can do it is to convert to GBP £ sterling and then convert back. I figure this will cost me at least $50 so I would rather give it to someone here.

What am I proposing?

I send (via fedex whatever cheapest insured) a VERY reputable US LP member $1050 USD and they credit my FTP account with $1000 once the cash arrives with them.

Any takers for a risk free $50 and to do me a big favor please PM me.

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Vegas Bachelor help
  4Kingell, Sep 27 2010

Hey - friend of mine is off to Vegas in a couple of weeks on a long w/e stag/bachelor party. I haven't been to Vegas for a year (long time in Vegas time) and to be honest my visits are usually work related so not quite so degen based!

Any must do's? Rhinowned obv. But any other advice - I think all are 30-ish.


Sam - I expect references to tigers and Tyson etc etc from you - all welcome....

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Kings and Queens
  4Kingell, Mar 03 2010

Were not kind to me today. Have run godlike for the best part of a week then today I timed out twice in tilt inducing spots /wrists and kings and queens hated me.....filtered below. Oh and after flopping an obscene set% in the last week - not one single set today in over 1000 hands.

Oh well - next godmode switch please - I was enjoying that. Like this:

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